Entrepreneur Resorts, Beach Clubs & City Hubs are more than just unique locations. We also lead the global entrepreneur movement, with a thriving community of purpose-driven leaders, changemakers and conscious travelers.

We offer inspiring high-performance environments where creative ideas can unfold naturally, which then turn into successful ventures, partnerships and connections.

We aim to deliver the highest quality coaching and training, while bringing passionate people together to create powerful connections and wealth opportunities. Collectively, we make the world a better place.

Each of our masterclasses are intentionally designed with the following success criteria incorporated:


Creative Environment

Flow isn’t just about what you do. It’s about where and when you do it.


Best Practises

Get ahead with expert-led, practical training. Our facilitators are practitioners and the best in their field.


Peer Accountability

Connect and mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs who will challenge and support you to get out of your own way, and play a bigger game.


Tools & Resources

Workbooks, online learning, templates and frameworks.

World Class Presenters Masterclass

With Andrew Eggelton

28th May – 2nd June 2019

Become a world-class presenter, grow your influence and impact globally. To stand out as a presenter, you have to dive deep into what makes you, you. This is the path of going from good to World Class, to take your message to the world and leave your  lasting legacy.

Personal Branding Masterclass

With Jade Green

20th – 23rd July 2019

Want to stand out from the crowd, make more money, and elevate your impact? This masterclass will give you the blueprint for creating a magnetic Personal Brand online and offline. Gain the competitive edge, become more memorable and attract profitable partners, world class talent, and ideal clients TO you.  

Leadership Masterclass

With Sandra Morrell & Donna Izobella

19th – 22nd August 2019

Get more productive and profitable through streamlining your business, and aligning your purpose with your team & company. Up-level your role as a CEO, owner and/or leader, so you can masterfully lead your enterprise. Increase its growth speed, scale your time and team, and unblock cashflow to reach your top goals.


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