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Speakers have been sold the same old story for years, to focus on body language, where they stand on stage, they’re consumed with the technical and personal stories and it’s created a saturation level of mediocrity where speakers don’t stand out because they’ve been taught like everyone else. You don’t have to do this.

This Presenters Masterclass will give you the tools to grow off and on stage, to understand your real Speakers value and build a Speaking business to take your message to the world.

For 1 Person…this Retreat is going to absolutely change their career & lives

Because this is the opportunity I would have wanted for myself, way back when.

I’m going to pick 1 person from this Presenters Masterclass in Bali and personally mentor them before they join me on stage in New York or London.

We’re going from good to World Class and never looking back

You’re ready, your time is now

Last Minute Special Offer at 50% OFF! Only 4 spots left at $1990 USD Twin Share (valued at $3980 USD)



A Presenter with a global vision


A speaker looking to monetize their opportunities


A professional wanting to speak at global events


A thought leader, looking to position yourself as an international authority


A coach looking to scale from “One to Millions”


Wanting to craft your message to influence and leave your legacy


Ready to expand, step up and play big


Ready to create a 7 figure International speaking business

At the Presenters’ MasterClass you’ll learn:

  • Create and design presentations to grow your business.
  • What World Class looks and feels like and the expansion tools to accelerate your everyday growth exponentially.
  • Create more business opportunities through presenting.
  • How to create an International Speaking Business.
  • Own the stage every time you stand in front of an audience.
  • How to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be a conduit for infinite wisdom.
  • The skills to read an audience and work moment to moment with them.
  • A variety of flexible, speaking models for keynote presentations.
  • Develop connection with your audience on a level that separates you from other Speakers.
  • Know your true value on stage.


Last Minute Special Offer at 50% OFF! Only 4 spots left at $1990 USD Twin Share (valued at $3980 USD)

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What’s Included in the World Class Presenters MasterClass:

  • A transformative presenting methodology created over 25 years which is unique to you and becomes your USP
  • A totally unique Model that can fit a Presentation of any time frame that allows you to work Moment to Moment with your audience
  • Skills to become an Authentic World Class Speaker, laid out in a clear process
  • The Template to build an International Speaking Business, including timeline, action steps and required tools
  • Video recording of all your work
  • One on One work each day
  • A resource tool kit with all your templates and plans including story telling & video strategy template, implementation & promotional plan
  • One person will be chosen from this event for 6 months mentoring and speaking with me on stage in London or New York
  • 4 full days of powerful content and training from International Mentor Andrew Eggelton
  • 5 nights twin-share accommodation in Bali, at the stunning Vision Villa Resort
  • Healthy meals & drinks during the program
  • Airport transfers in Bali to and from Vision Villa


I have been on a journey! I came to the retreat to learn to get out of my way to grow. I didn’t know how to do that, and being in the retreat environment with like-minded people, gave me this opportunity. I learned how to present from the inside out, to get out of your head and talk from the Heart. It is incredibly important for me to become a World Class Presenter having founded the Million Dollar Club. I have come away with invaluable experience. I want to come to this retreat again ASAP to grow further.

Dave de Meyer

Million Dollar Club

Attending Andrew’s Speakers Masterclass has been the best investment I have made, not only in my business, but for myself. I came away with renewed confidence & connection to my own purpose, as well as frameworks that gave me clarity in my consulting business. The unique process he has developed, together with his ability to hold a safe space, allowed our group, to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone & expand our vision of becoming world class speakers. I brought home practical tools & techniques that have positively impacted my 1 to 1 sessions, my webinars and my online presence. His 10 day FB challenge was perfectly timed to continue the practice & cement key learnings from the Masterclass. I am looking forward to his speakers retreat in Portugal 2019. Catherine, Wealth Vector System

Catherine Ord

Wealth Vector System

I was feeling lost in the direction of my business and the extreme value I got from this retreat was incredible. It wasn’t just about becoming a World Class Presenter, but helping me to gain clarity and drop out of my head and into my heart and just be myself on stage. I have taken so many key learnings from this retreat that I can apply into every area of my life. Thank you Andrew, from the bottom of my heart, this was exactly what I needed.

Linda Liv Doktar

Transformation Coach & Speaker

I learned my success as a presenter is the vulnerability of being open and willingness to share my story. With Andrew’s techniques allowed me to see that growth always comes after a moment of fear. Thank you Andrew, I got more out of this retreat than I could have ever expected.

Mirette Samuel

NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner

After the Presenters’ Masterclass, I had a total shift in direction for my business and a huge sense of freedom from a story I had been stuck in for ages. It was truly a transformative experience, so much more than speaker training. I came away with a deeper understanding of who I am. An understanding that I was playing small and I am now ready to step up.

Nathan Meola

Coach & Speaker

If you are ready to be a World Class Presenter then the Bali Retreat is the place you need to be to develop that. The biggest takeaway I got from the retreat was learning to get over myself, also the authority model and the leverage of doing this process. Thank you, I have deep gratitude to you and your craft Andrew.

Shane Bowen

Entreprenuer Resorts


Located on beautiful Bali, the Indonesian “Island of the Gods”, Vision Villa Resort is the first Entrepreneur Resort in Asia. The resort is located in the cultural epicenter of the island yet hidden away from traffic and city noise in tranquil, peaceful surroundings. Nestled among lush tropical water gardens, flowering trees, and coconut palms, you will find a magical place full of discoveries and surprises. Vision Villa Resort is an intimate and inspirational setting. We’ve created an ideal place to bring together entrepreneur-ship, education, healthy lifestyle and well-being.


Last Minute Special Offer at 50% OFF! Only 4 spots left at $1990 USD Twin Share (valued at $3980 USD)

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